How long does it take to construct a house?
This is one of the most common questions about custom home building. When the final plans are available and the land has been purchassed, we build your home in 6 months and guarantee the closing date upon signing.
I have land, I wish to develop a home. How do I contact Priyaa Construction?
Firstly it is recommended that you receive planning permission for any development you wish to undertake along with Building Regulation drawings, this would then be the time to contact us to enable us to provide you with a competitive quotation based on these drawings and specification.
Is my project too large or too small for Priyaa Contruction?
We carry out a wide range of building and joinery services starting from jobs such as fitting a single lock or door handle in your property to a multi-million pound building project of any type.
How long will it take to build my home?
That depends on the time of year, site conditions, the style and size of the home, and the availability of materials. From the start of actual construction, we typically complete a home within six to eight months. Remember, no two Priyaa Construction homes are exactly alike, and we take the time and attention to detail needed to construct a top-quality home that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The progress of construction is also dependent on you and how quickly you make decisions that need to be made during the process.
What insurances and guarantees do Priyaa Construction provide?
New build works are normally carry out the works under NHBC or Similar building guarantees. Most projects are also carried out under JCT (or similar) forms of building contract. We possess all the relevant Insurance’s, which will provide peace of mind when choosing Priyaa Construction Ltd as your contractor, such as Public Liability, Contractors all risks Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance (details available on request).
What is Built-up area?
The built up area is the calculation of the carpet area plus the thickness of the walls and any balcony space. The built up area is the actual space utilised to build the property.
“Sale deed”- what’s that?
A sale deed is a document that a seller issues to the buyer, to transfer the ownership of their property. The execution of this document happens shortly after the sales agreement is finalised and all the terms and conditions present in the sales agreements are fulfilled.
Why should I choose Priyaa Contruction to build by home?
At Priyaa Construction, we design a home based on your needs, from the ground up! We build custom homes for those who value true craftsmanship and want a home with a distinct individual personality. Let us show you how combining the finest techniques of construction with innovative design ideas, can create a home that’s even better than you imagined – one that is uniquely yours.